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I think I've reached a point where I don't really pay attention when Gilbert Arenas says something crazy.  When he used the opening media day of training camp to announce that he purchased a high-altitude tent, I was all over it, but I guess I've always been more concerned about on-court play than his off-court antics (which is why Jake is here...he's been on top of the beat since he started).  So when Gilbert casually mentioned that he might pick up a reality TV show, I didn't think too much of it.  

Well, apparently that show is happening, and soon.    Not only that, but it's not alone, as Agent Bog discovered.  

ESPN the Mag, this fortnight: Inspired in part by the popularity of his blog, Gilbert Arenas is bringing Gilbertology to a library, TV and laptop near you. In addition to writing a hoops-themed self-help book, the quirky Wizards guard will be the gaming guru in a video series for, and is pitching a reality series that would place him in Simple Life-like settings, tentatively shooting next year. Agent Zero is also developing a cartoon series centering on himself as a child. How that would differ from his real life is unclear.

Like Steinz, I can't say I'm any more interested in the gaming show or even the "Simple Life" pilot than I was in the high-altitude tent.  But a cartoon series?  That, my friends, has potential.  

Perhaps it would look something like this cartoon that our buddy Howie wrote.  Or, perhaps, it'll be like this (from the Steinz link).

I'm envisioining a Dennis the Menace type set-up, where a rambunctious freckle-faced Gil is forever infuriating Mr. Grunfeld next door, also starring animated Abe Pollin in the role of Mrs. Wilson, animated G-Wiz in the role of Margaret, animated DeShawn in the role of Joey and animated Walshy in the role of Ruff. In episode one, Gilbet and DeShawn attempt to steal cookies from Mr. Grunfeld's back porch, leading Mr. Grunfeld to shoot a squirt gun at DeShawn, as pouting Gil is then reprimanded by third-grade teacher Mr. Jordan, while elsewhere a cute young girl named Brenda moves into the neighborhood and her younger brother 'Dre decides that girls are really icky.

So my question to you is, what do you think an episode of this cartoon series would look like?  If you were the writer, how would you write the show?