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Ruben, what is he dippity-doin'?

(If you understand the title reference, you are unquestionably the bomb.)

Well, it looks like any chance to further upgrade the bench is gone.  Ruben Patterson signed a deal with the Clippers last night taking him off the market.  No word on what the terms of the deal were, apparently it's team policy not to announce contract deals so I guess we won't know for a while if the Wizards had the money to really go after him.  For more coverage on the Patterson signing, make sure to head over to Clips Nation.

So with Patterson off the market, it looks like that 15th spot is almost definitely going to either Mason or Booth, barring some third party comes into discussions from out of nowhere.  On the bright side, at least we won't have to worry about Ruben guarding Lebron or making passes.

UPDATE: According to the aforementioned Clips Nation, it looks like Patterson signed a one year deal. Still no word on how much money was involved.