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Youtubesman Report: Andray, You're Not Alone

Tonight's revelation of Andray Blatche being arrested for ALLEDGEDLY soliciting sex came as a shock to us all.  What doesn't (and hasn't for a long time) come as a shock to anyone is that another athlete has had a run-in with the law.  Wizards aren't immune from problems with the law despite Abe's best efforts, Chris Webber anyone?  While I don't think there's any footage of C-Webb getting busted for a crime (most likely the weed) or any footage of him partaking of a crime (thankfully), we can still all enjoy footage of him yelling at reporters about Tyra Banks:

Andray isn't the only basketball player to commit a crime in D.C. either.  Let's not forget about former Terp Lonny Baxter (HT:Wizznutzz):

Blatche isn't the only NBA player to get busted for soliciting sex either.  The guy on the left (the one throwing out the big C word) got caught a few years back:

So take solace Andray, while your ALLEDGED actions are inexcusable, they're certainly not unprecedented.