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Have you ever wanted a court tricked out by Gilbert Arenas? Awesome. Here's your chance to get it, as he reveals in his new blog:

If you go to, I'm giving three lucky fans the chance to win a Spalding court. They get the rim, the backboard, Spalding balls, and all the rest of the accessories. All you have to do is submit an essay on on why you are the one that needs or deserves the court. I'll have the contest running now until October 1st. That gives you a month to submit your essay.

Let's hope your essay turns about better than that.

Speaking of Spalding, Gilbert also mentions that he shot a commercial for them along with fellow Titans QB Vince Young (you think they'd be doing something with EA Sports wouldn't you?) and said he was so cool that he added him to his "Fab 5". I guess Jimmy King has to ride the bench now or something.

In his latest blog, Gilbert also talks more about his new shoe, the Gil 20 and the different versions that will be released nationwide, including a Halo 3 version made by Microsoft. Better yet, this still isn't the "big thing" that he talked about in a previous entry, so stay tuned for that. He also touches on some other things like his ongoing rivalry with Arizona alum Richard Jefferson, Dave Hopla, Eddie Griffin, his quest for 100,000 shots in 73 days, a peaceful resolution to the shark joke fiasco, and precipi"TAY"tion.

I'd tell you that it's a must-read, but you already knew that.

RANDOM ASIDE: Are the Wizards an illegitimate team or what?