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Youtubesman Report: Mister 50 won't tolerate your fake accomplishments

Let me set the scene for the first video.  The year is 2003, The Cavaliers are in the closing seconds of a blowout win (shocking I know, but stay with me here) over the Utah Jazz and Ricky Davis is one rebound away from a triple-double.  You all probably know the story, Ricky takes the imbounds pass and puts up a layup on his own basket so that he can grab the rebound and get a triple-double.  What you might not have noticed is what happened after the play, take a look:

Notice who fouled Davis at the end of the play?  That's right, DeShawn Stevenson.  I think he may have been more insulted than his coach (and former Bullet) Jerry Sloan, which is really saying something.

Here's some footage from a slam dunk contest back in 2005 at the MCI Center.  It didn't receive a lot of publicity, but I think some of the dunkers in this contest could give Nate Robinson a run for his money:

Finally, to get you ready for the next player up on the BF Top 20, here's an old-school rap video with some old-school footage of #14 on the countdown: