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Youtubesman Report: Thank You Elie Seckbach

Some of you may be familiar with Elie's work as the "embedded correspondant" (not to be confused with the video correspondant, oddly enough Elie was on the first ever VC, go figure).  I bring Elie up because he has a new report out where he talks with some of the players in the NBA including several of the Wizards.  Although the video was uploaded two days ago, it's evident that at least they Wizards interviews are from the '05-'06 season because Gilbert is wearing the Baltimore Bullets throwback gear they used in games that season.  But that's enough of an intro, check out this comedic gold:

  1. There's nothing like a guy stuck with the nickname of "Brenda" admitting to watching Oprah.
  2. Why can't Antonio Daniels get a blog deal with
  3. Chris Webber takes the concept of "indoor voice" to a whole new level.
  4. Nick Young better pay his rent.
  5. Antonio Daniels in education?  Let's hope no one comes to class dressed up like DeShawn Stevenson.
  6. I like how at the end Gilbert is just in the corner on his laptop, drinking a Powerade and laughing at everything that's going on.  Who says Gilbert isn't a real blogger?