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Man shot at Stevenson's house

This just in...someone was shot at DeShawn Stevenson's house last night.

The shooting happened at the home of DeShawn Stevenson, a guard with the Washington Wizards and former player with the Orlando Magic, officials said.

Investigators said they were called to 1348 Lake Whitney Drive after someone reported shots fired at the home. Stevenson was at the home during the shooting, along with Brandon Hunter, a forward with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a third man and a woman.

Millsap told authorities the group was at the Destiny Club near Universal Orlando and met several women and invited them to Stevenson's home. When the arrived, officials said a man inside a white Cadillac Escalade followed them to the home and began arguing with some of the women.

When the man returned to the Escalade, Hunter said he began walking toward the home when shots were fired.

Hopefully this isn't anything serious.