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D-Mac's signed

From the Post.

The Washington Wizards and second-round pick Dominic McGuire have agreed to terms on a three-year contract, according to a league source. McGuire, a forward who was selected with the 47th overall pick out of Fresno State in the June 28 draft, impressed the team with a strong all-around performance during the Las Vegas summer league.

Three years is longer than with most second-round picks, no?  Doesn't it seem weird that, after stating that D-Mac's situation wouldn't be resolved into after Blatche, D-Mac's deal came first?  Whatever.  At least they officially have him in the fold.

But wait, Blatche may be next.

Grunfeld is trying to save what little remaining money the team has to keep Blatche, who has been offered a five-year contract worth roughly $12.5 million and is mulling over his options, according to a league source. Should Blatche sign an offer sheet with another team, the Wizards would have seven days to decide whether to match it.

Boy, I love that deal.  Even if Blatche doesn't pan out, he's not going to cost much, and if he does pan out, we suddenly have a 2.5 million dollar bargain for the next 5 years.  If you had told me at the beginning of the offseason that DeShawn would get more money than Blatche, I would have been shocked, but apparently that's what will happen.

Still no JCN news in that article.  I'll have more on him tomorrow.