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Filling out the roster

With Andray Blatche now under contract, that gives the Wizards 14 players on the roster.  At maximum, NBA teams can hold 15 players on the roster, so there's still one spot open.  So how do we go about filling this roster spot?  The same way everyone seems to be nowadays, by signing someone who was really good in the 1990's!  

Here are some candidates Ernie Grunfeld may want to consider...

Rod Strickland: The former Wizard would give the team an experienced point guard if Antonio Daniels gets traded.  Getting him to play in the playoffs could be an issue though.

Manute Bol: After all, an untalented 7'7" center is better than an untalented 6'11' center.

Rex Chapman:  Nice guy to have coming in off the bench.  He could provide an outside scoring threat, especially those running heaves in the closing seconds.

Chris Webber: C-Webb would be a calming influence for the developing Andray Blatche.  Actually, cancel that.  Get him as far away as possible from Webber.  If the Wizards are playing his team, leave Andray at home.  In fact, don't even mention his name.

Juwan Howard: What?  He's still in the NBA?  Oh well...

Bryant Reeves: He can't do much, but at least he could clog the lane...and the baseline...and most of the halfcourt for that matter.

Darvin Ham:  If Eddie Jordan ever needed a few minutes to clear his head and think up a new strategy, Darvin could provide a distraction.

Dennis Rodman: Yeah, he might be crazy but at least he's not Jose Offerman crazy.

Scottie Pippen:  He might have 99 problems, but playing ball ain't one of 'em. (NSFW)

Charles Oakley: Oak would give the Wizards some much needed toughness and grit inside.  Layups might be a problem: