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Relevant Wizards and non-Wizards links

I'm not much of a link dump guy, but I think it's necessary from time to time.  Now is one of those times.

  • Kurt from Forum Blue and Gold has a nice post up on Ballhype discussing the problems with Team USA's defense.  This raises an interesting question.  If NBA players can't learn to guard the pick and roll without proper chemistry, how are things going to change in the Olympics?
  • Agent Bog has been on fire lately, whether it's talking about Gilbert Arenas appearing at Mystics practice or dispelling the rumors that Gilbert sold his house to Nick Young.  Steinz also mentions in that second post that a picture of Jarvis Hayes has been taken down from the back hallway, which has to be good news.
  • Division rival Orlando, in an attempt to bolster their frontline, is talking with Denver about a possible Keyon Dooling/Pat Garrity for Reggie Evans/J.R. Smith swap.  To me, this would be an excellent trade, because Evans seems to be the perfect guy to slot at power forward next to Howard, and Smith, for all his baggage, seems like a real upgrade over the overrated Dooling.  Third Quarter Collapse disagrees, though.
  • Tim Donaghy turned himself in yesterday, so that sad story will hopefully have some resolution soon.  True Hoop is all over this developing story
  • There's a new Wizards blogger in the Wizosphere, so be sure to give a hearty welcome to We're Off to See the Wizards.
  • Excellent post from the always-insightful Kevin Broom on the Juan Carlos Navarro saga.  He debunks the two criticisms of the situation -- that Ernie should have gotten more from Navarro, and that Ernie should have signed Navarro and possibly dumped Stevenson.  A great read.
  • Miami still wants to get Mike Bibby, and they still have no assets to trade.  This is getting hilarious.  "Wait, you mean you DON'T want our garbage?  Huh?"  Miami's all set to enter the season with Smush Parker as their prize offseason acquisition, and I couldn't be happier.

Got any more links to suggest?  Put them in the comments section.