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The Landlord's swag is phenomenal

Just when it looked like there would be nothing of news for the Wizards, Gilbert Arenas saves the day with a new blog.   In this entry, Gilbert tackles the newfound epidemic of 90's players coming out retirement, specifically Penny Hardaway and Reggie Miller.  Apparently, Arenas is a huge fan of Penny and has loads of pictures and jerseys of the former All-Star.

Wait, is that a Chick Hearn jersey?

Also in this blog, Gil covers:

  • The leasing of his house to Nick Young.  Apparently it wasn't sold as had been reported earlier.  But don't think that Nick is getting off easy on the rent, Arenas has already dubbed himself "The Landlord" and by collecting rent, Arenas says that "he'll help me pay off what I owe!"  So apparently Gilbert is in debt to someone, let's hope it's not from poker.
  • An update on his quest for 100,000 shots in 73 days.
  • He gives out congratulations to Dominic McGuire and Awvee Storey for their contract deals.
  • Gilbert hands out a Hibachi award to Stephon Marbury for "Best Interview of the Century"
  • He talks about Jason Gardner's wedding which he paid for.  A nice gesture, but I don't anyone should be paying for anything if they were together for 14 years before they tied the knot.
  • Finally, Arenas talks about meeting Beyonce at the Verizon Center recently and getting a Beyonce #1 Wizards jersey for the occasion, which he got her to sign.  No word on if, they're going to force Nick Young to wear the jersey during a game this season.