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This means war

The Celtics are hardly our natural rivals, but in the wake of purging their team for one Kevin Garnett, they have been compared extensively to the Wizards.  After all, both teams are criticized for having three great players and nothing behind them.  But as much as I would pay to see a 3 on 3 game between Pierce/Allen/KG and Arenas/Jamison/Butler, there's now a more tangible reason to not like the Celtics.  They have hired the assistant coach that shall not be named.  

The Celtics will be hiring Tom Thibodeau as their new assistant coach, according to league sources.

The Salem State product has most recently been an assistant with Houston. It was announced he would join the staff in Washington, but after two days working with the Wizards this summer, he balked on the agreement when it came time to sign the deal.

Funny how Kevin Garnett changes things, huh?  This means only one thing: when we play the Celtics, we have to win to show Thibodeau what he's missing.

[HT: LOY's Place]