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A new post on Juan Carlos Navarro, handicapping what exactly I'd like to receive from each of the potential suitors, is coming later tonight.  I apologize for not getting it up sooner, but I had a couple errands to run today on my off day from work.

In the meantime, doesn't the whole thing seem strange?  I mean, Navarro's sounding off in the Spanish papers about how he feels "disrespected" (thanks to mlarocca for the heads-up), Pat Riley's been visiting with him while he's still under contract here, and Spanish papers keep reporting that Memphis is a done deal.  Meanwhile, Boston, as expected, threw their lot into the JCN sweepstakes, but then there's some Spanish paper that says Ernie asked for Paul Pierce in return?  Surely, that was Ernie suggesting that nobody on Boston interested him, albeit in a very facetious way.

The whole thing seems very strange to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if some teams were caught with fines for tampering.  I mean, shouldn't it be against the rules for Pat Riley to be speaking to Navarro when his rights are owned by the Wizards?  No matter what, I'm worried this is all leading to a bad ending, although I've been surprised before.

Anyway, while you wait, be sure to vote for the BF Top 20 if you haven't done so already, and if you want to take any of those players, do say so.  Also, the Bog has confirmed the rumor Jake broke last month about the Wizards' uniforms switching to gold.  Steinz also learned that the Wizards slogan for next year is "Ready to Rule."  Damn.  I liked "Go All In" a lot more.

Finally, to steal an idea from Seth, I thought a census would be a cool idea, considering the community has grown exponentially since the end of the season.  You obviously don't have to participate, and you don't need to fill in every column (especially the college one), but feel free if you're interested.

I'll start.

Real Name: Michael Prada.
Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, but originally from Bethesda, Maryland.
Age: 20.
College and year: Brandeis University '09
Occupation: Student/Blogger/Blog Show summer intern/Sports editor of student newspaper.
Favorite All-Time Player (starter): Gheorghe (with Agent Zero a close second).
Favorite all-time curiosity (aka bench guy): Tie between Jahidi White and Tyrone Nesby.