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Fun with flickr

For some reason or another, I was on flickr this morning and I stumbled across some interesting photos.  If at all possible, I always try to avoid being sued when I write here (or anywhere else for that matter) so I'm just going to link you to the photos so that no one gets in trouble or anything like that.

Photo #1:
If this isn't the definition of a grassroots campaign, I don't know what is.

Photo #2:
Look at Gilbert, it's like he just fell asleep holding the rim or something.  I don't know whether to think this is the coolest photo ever or be completely freaked out by the fact that Gilbert could fall asleep dunking.  I mean, I can see the headline on right now: ARENAS FLUSHES GAME WINNING SLAM, SLEEPS.

Photo #3:
I think the caption on the site is just about all you need for this one.