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Decision 07

I have something longer in the works for a little later, but for now, here's something to tide you over.

I mentioned in a previous post that Nick Young needs a nickname.  Now, normally I'm not huge on these things, because it's a slippery slope until we reach the Chris Berman level.  (We're never going to refer to Gilbert as Gilbert "American Airlines" Arenas, after all).

But since we are a blogging community, it would be nice to have our own nicknames for some of the players.  From a purely selfish standpoint, it takes less effort to just refer to players by nicknames instead of spelling the names out beyond the first reference.  From an unselfish standpoint, nothing enhances a unified community more than unified nicknames.

So, with that in mind, this is the place to suggest any nicknames.  Here's what I've randomly thought of right off the bat.  If you have objections, feel free to raise different possibilities.

Gilbert Arenas = Agent Zero
Caron Butler = Tuff Juice
Antawn Jamison = ?
DeShawn Stevenson (if he's back) = Mister 50?  Any better ones?
Brendan Haywood = ? (please, not "stone hands")
Antonio Daniels = AD
Darius Songaila = ?
Etan Thomas = Poet?
Nick Young = ?
Oleisky Pecherov = O-Pec (let's make this the only "first initial plus beginning of last name" nickname)
Dominic McGuire = ?
Juan Carlos Navarro = ?
Andray Blatche = Bulletproof

Keep the suggestions coming in the comments section.