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John Hollinger on Juan Carlos Navarro

Via TrueHoop, here are John Hollinger's thoughts on how he thinks the Spanish import will do in the NBA:

... he's certainly a better player than a lot of the jokers who have been getting $5 and $6 million per year this summer. I ran my projection of Navarro's numbers for this year based on those past three seasons, and it came out to a 13.84 PER, 17.6 points, 3.6 rebounds and 5.5 assists per 40 minutes, and a 40.8 shooting mark. On a team like Washington, I'd expect the same net result with fewer shots and a higher shooting mark. Taken as a whole, it's clear he has value and the Wizards should jump at the chance to use a portion of their midlevel exception to nab him, especially given the general decrepitude of their second unit. He should be among this year's better imports and, at 27, he's younger than some of the other vets that have crossed the pond the last couple years.

For comparison, Mo Williams, one of top free agent PGs on the market averaged 17.3/6.1/4.8 and shot 45% from the field.  For another comparison, James Posey averaged 7.7/5.0/1.3 and shot 43% from the field, and probably does of worse job of boxing out Andray than either JCN or Mo.