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You link, I link, he links, we all link

Link dump today, because nothing's really worth expounding on yet.

  • According to Ivan Carter, the team has offered DeShawn a 4 year, 12 million dollar contract.  This is the same amount of money as the previous offer, but with one more year attached.  Still, I doubt DeShawn bites at this point, especially after seeing Jason Kapono and Matt Carroll make more with more years.  This negotiation might take a while.
  • The news on Navarro hasn't changed much, but according to Ivan's latest blog, it appears he's going to be used as a way to entice a team to take on one of Thomas/Haywood.  Ivan still seems convinced that Navarro is only trying to drive his price up in Europe, but I don't buy that.  The goood news is that the Posey rumors appear to be quieting.
  • True Hoop's Henry Abbott spoke to one of Navarro's representatives, who confirmed that playing for the Wizards remains his top priority, despite his murky comments.  He added that the speculation about other teams is mostly driven by a manipulative Spanish press.
  • According to Carter and John Mitchell of the Washington Times, Nick Young and O-Pec are officially under contract.  Because of NBA rules, they get slotted under the set income for first-round draft picks.  Speaking of, Young needs a nickname.  Any ideas?
  • Summer League starts today, but the Wizards don't play until next Tuesday.  As a reminder, here is the roster.  If you have any burning questions that need to be answered, send them in so I can relay them to our blogger at Blazers Edge, who will be attending in person.
  • Our bitter rivals, the Cavaliers, have also thrown their lot into the Navarro sweepstakes, according to Brian Windhorst's blog.  Apparently, they're also after Andray Blatche, which makes very little sense to me.  I doubt they'll be anything to worry about.  Dallas also seems to want Blatche as a backup plan, but I really don't see that happening.  If anything, this just means that Blatche's price tag might rise a bit, but that's a risk definitely worth taking.
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