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Youtubesman Report: More reason to re-sign Andray

I think it's pretty much a given that everyone wants Andray Blatche to re-sign with the Wizards and watch as he continues to develop.  I know you all probably don't need anymore So here are 3 more reasons to keep the big guy around:

1. Big Upside

Here's an head-to-head stat matchup of two players from their senior year of high school.  Player A is Andray Blatche.  Player B?  Maybe you've heard of him before:

2. High school to NBA transition
In those highlights, you probably also saw some other players that like Blatche, made the jump from high school straight to the NBA.  Generally speaking, high school players make their big jump statistically during their third year in the pros.  Guys like Tracy McGrady, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and even Kwame Brown all improved their games drastically between their second and third year in the league.  Here's some highlights of some of top players in the NBA as high-schoolers, including some clips of Andray:

3. It will keep the rumored Navarro-Posey trade from happening

Do you think Posey wants to deal with this during practice every day?