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It's not over

Pardon my excitment, because it appears the Juan Carlos Navarro saga is far from over.

Here's what we do know.  Navarro's buyout from FC Barcelona was lowered significantly, and he will probably leave Spain in order to play in the NBA.  The Wizards own his rights, so as long as they don't trade him or renounce those rights, he'll be scheduled to play here next year.

Naturally, however, Navarro is a hot commodity.  According to the Washington Times, six or seven teams have contacted the Wizards regarding a potential Navarro trade, and Ernie's plan of action apparently is determined by what happens with DeShawn and Blatche.

Grunfeld said the Wizards' plan will be determined by what happens with their eight free agents, among them DeShawn Stevenson (unrestricted) and Andray Blatche. The team has had contact with both players.

At least that's according to the Times.  The language makes it seem like Navarro is the third-most important player in the Wizards' offseason plans, but I severely doubt that's actually the case.  Obviously, Ernie is going to take into account his other free agents.  If DeShawn's asking price gets a bit high, Navarro offers nice insurance.

As for actual feasible trades, Memphis has been mentioned, due to Navarro's friendship with Pau Gasol.  Another team is Miami, who has been after Navarro for a long time.  This is from Ivan's blog yesterday.

The Wiz also have the option of trading Navarro's NBA rights and I hear that at least five teams have already called to gauge interest in such a deal. It's no secret that Miami has liked JCN for a long time and one source just told me that the Wizards and Heat have discussed a a sign-and-trade that would send Navarro's rights to South Beach for James Posey.

This makes sense when you consider that the Miami Herald reported yesterday that Posey has agreed to a sign-and-trade deal if the Heat don't offer him a "suitable" contract to stay. Posey, 30, made $6.3 million last season and according to the Herald, is looking to get some team's mid-level.

Wow.  I really hope this is just a smokescreen or that there's a lot more to this, because Posey straight up for Navarro is about as awful as it gets.  Posey's a nice veteran guy and still is a decent defender, but his skills are eroding fast.  He's only had a PER above the league-average once, and he's looking for the full MLE.  Trading Navarro, arguably the best guard in Spain, straight up to a division rival for Posey is an incredible waste of a great asset.  There's simply no way that's the whole story.  I'd imagine Etan Thomas or Brendan Haywood is out there for Posey instead of Navarro.

If Navarro is traded, I feel like it should only be for inside help.  To a certain extent, Navarro's skills are a bit redundant, especially if DeShawn is re-signed to a reasonable contract.  But Navarro's way too good to trade for yet another wing player when the center position is so mediocre.  If he's traded for another wing, the same problems of redundancy arise, and the Wizards would likely be taking back an inferior player.  Trade him only to get a good defensive presence inside.  

Would you trade JCN?  If so, for whom?