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Gilbert's Blog: Reloaded

Gilbert came out with a new blog out last night, for some reason my reader didn't pick it up so I didn't notice it until Gilbertology wrote about it.  In this entry Gil talks about:

  • His desire to buy an island.
  • The whole Kobe saga, he's as confused as everyone else is.
  • Haircuts. Silly, silly haircuts.
  • Next year has changed from The Sequel to The Takeover Reloaded.
  • More stuff about NBA Live '08.
  • Being a top Latino athlete.
  • Finally, he also gives his take on the new guy in town:
It's funny, the same coach that recruited me to go to Grant ended up getting a job with USC and recruited Nick to go to the Trojans. He's a really talented kid and he's that scorer we needed, so I'm excited to have him come play with us.

In a related note, props to D.C. Pro Sports Report for getting linked to in Gil's blog.

Finally, Transformers is coming out today, make sure to check out the trailer before you head out to see the movie: