Summer League!

The Wizards announced their summer league roster today.  Here it is.

Shagari Alleyne
Brian Chase
Mike Hall
Jared Homan
Lee Humphrey
Dominic McGuire
Aaron Miles
Oleksiy Pecherov  
Kevinn Pinkney
J.R. Pinnock
Leon Rodgers
Kyle Visser
Jameel Watkins
Nick Young
Derrick Zimmerman

Interesting that Andray Blatche isn't there, but I wouldn't read too much into it.  He needs weight training more than summer league anyway.  He'd just dominate this league and possibly develop bad habits.

The other interesting thing is that Eddie himself is coaching.  That's probably just because of all the assistant coaching instability, but it's still pretty random.

One of my colleagues, Dave at Blazers Edge, is actually going to be attending the Summer League games in Vegas, and plans on talking to different NBA personnel.  He's offered to ask them any burning questions we had about our Summer League participants.  Therefore, I open the floor to you guys.  Any particular burning questions you want to see answered?  Put them in the comments section if you do, and I'll relay them to Dave.

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