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2 Newsworthy Items

First, it appears that Tom Thibodeau is going to be the Wizards' new assistant head coach.  Thibodeau was an assistant with the Rockets before coming to D.C. and helped spearhead the top defense in the NBA last season.

Here's the link.

Secondly, (and this is the big one) from Ivan Carter of the Wizards Insider blog:

Wait: more breaking news: I just received a call informing me that Juan Carlos Navarro has been cleared by his team in Barcelona to get out of his contract and negotiate a deal in the NBA. That would mean the Wizards, of course, because they hold Navarro's NBA rights. Don't have details on the money stuff yet and have no idea what Ernie's plan is but I'll find out more and update later.

If you can read Spanish, here's some more proof.

So basically, now the Wizards can sign Navarro to a deal, which makes the whole off-season just that much weirder.

I'm sure Prada will have some analysis of this coming soon, until then enjoy this: