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Blatche news and other stuff

According to the Times the Wizards have offered Blatche 3 years/$11 million to stay in D.C.

The offer is substantially smaller than the one Blatche and his agent, Eric Fleisher, are said to be looking for. Blatche, who turns 21 next month, has had his name mentioned as a player who might possibly receive the mid-level exception, which has a starting salary of $5.35 million in the first season.

One team that had been mentioned in connection with Blatche was Dallas. But the Mavericks, who are over the luxury tax, had not made Blatche an offer as of last night.

Should Blatche turn down the contract -- which one source said he was leaning toward signing -- he still can accept an offer from another team. If they so choose, the Wizards can match any deal made to Blatche.

I really can't see Blatche signing for so little, but I've been shocked before.  It's also worth noting in that article that it appears that the Heat have dropped out of the Navarro sweepstakes after signing Smush Parker.

UPDATE:According to Wizards Insider, Blatche has received an offer, but it is less than the reported 3 years/11 million.

In completely unrelated news, it does appear that the Wizards are making the rumored bronze to gold switch based on this picture: