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The Bullets Forever Top 20: Narrowing it Down

Editor's Note: Anyone who's here from SLAM Online, here's where you really want to go.

While we continue to wait for an impending JCN trade and Blatche re-signing (this news should probably take Dallas out of the running, leaving nobody to take him away), let's narrow down the Bullets Forever Top 20 brainstorming list we came up with here.

Nobody objected to my definites, so we can assume that the following 10 people are going to be there somewhere.

  1. Walt Bellamy
  2. Gus Johnson
  3. Earl Monroe
  4. Wes Unseld
  5. Elvin Hayes
  6. Phil Chenier
  7. Bobby Dandridge
  8. Jeff Malone
  9. Chris Webber
  10. Gilbert Arenas

That leaves 10 spots to fill, and since this is a group effort, I'm asking you guys to decide which of the following deserve to fill those slots.  Here's everyone remaining, and if you feel there's someone that hasn't been mentioned that deserves to make the top 20, say so in the comments.  Notice that I eliminated some of the suggestions just so there's less clutter.

  1. Moses Malone
  2. Gus Williams
  3. Bernard King
  4. Michael Adams
  5. Pervis Ellison
  6. Tom Gugliotta
  7. Rod Strickland
  8. Michael Jordan
  9. Antawn Jamison
  10. Caron Butler
  11. Kevin Loughery
  12. Jack Marin
  13. Mitch Kupchek
  14. Kevin Grevey
  15. Jeff Ruland
  16. Juwan Howard
  17. Gheorghe Muresan
  18. John "Hot Rod" Williams

Ten of those guys should make the list.  If it's easier, feel free to eliminate names that shouldn't make it rather than name people that should make it.

The comments section is your forum.