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The Bullets Forever Top 20: Parameters and Brainstorming

These dog days of summer are killing me, and I imagine they're killing you all too.  There's not much basketball to discuss, save for a depressing referee scandal and Team USA.  We know something is going to happen with Blatche and Navarro, but there are no new rumors regarding those two.  We could always discuss other teams (and we probably will), but this is a Wizards blog, first and foremost.  I imagine most of you are here to talk Wizards, not to talk NBA.  

With that in mind, we're going to start a summer series here, known as the Bullets Forever Top 20.  Basically, we think of the Top 20 players in franchise history and count them down from 20-1 over the next month and a half.  Lots of sites on our network do this, and I think it's a pretty cool idea.  There's nothing that unifies readers more than discussing the glory days of the past, particularly with a readership of varying ages.  I personally didn't become a Bullets fan until the Webber/Howard era, when I was 8 years old, so there's a lot of history I never experienced.  

Before we do this, though, we need to discuss the parameters.  The first major question is who should be considered.  How many years, minimum, does a player have to play here in order to get consideration?  Should Chris Webber be considered, even though he played less than 4 full seasons?  What about Bobby Dandridge?  Can Michael Jordan count?  We should figure out where we should draw the line.

The other question is, does the player have to have been drafted by the franchise to be considered?  I'm assuming no, because that would rule out guys like Webber, Elvin Hayes, and Gilbert Arenas, but what if we're talking about a guy on the borderline?  Does being drafted inrease their candidacy?

And these are all before we decide what the top 20 will be.

So consider this a thread for coming up with guidelines, as well as some brainstorming.  I'm hoping that this will be a group effort, so if you're interested in writing one of the profiles (particularly if you lived through that players' career), e-mail me at  To add suspense, I won't publish the actual order until it's done, but if you are participating in the project, I'll let you know what it ends up being.

Begin the discussion in the comments section here.