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Player Evaluation: Michael Ruffin

Apologies for being AWOL all weekend.  The weather was really nice, and there wasn't much going on with the Wizards, so I spent most of the weekend outside.  Anyway, I'm too depressed to talk about Tim Donaghy, but Bill Simmons has an excellent column on the subject that I highly recommend.  For now, let's continue the community evaluations.  I originally left the Big 3 for last, but I realized I never wrote anything about Michael Ruffin.  This should be easy to knock out of the way.

This clip kind of tells you all you need to know.

Ruffin's been decrepit ever since he came to DC, but in the past, he was still needed because of a lack of frontcourt depth.  But this year, with the signing of Darius Songaila and the emergence of Andray Blatche, Ruffin should have been buried.  To be fair, he did average only 9 minutes a game, but he still saw tons of time in crunch time.  The worst part about it was that the crunch time minutes didn't come early in the year, when Songaila was hurt.  Instead, they tended to come when everyone was healthy.  Essentially, Ruffin was playing over Blatche, Songaila, AND Brendan Haywood or Etan Thomas.  That's pretty insane for someone with a 4.4 PER that scored only 2.5 points per 40 minutes.  

I'm sure he won't be back next year.  I guarantee you that Ernie's jumping at the chance to let go of one of Eddie Jordan's pets.  The funny thing, to me, is seeing where he'll end up.  How great would it be to see him end up on the Suns trying to guard Tim Duncan in the playoffs next year?  Somehow, I feel like that's his destiny.

Unleash your Michael Ruffin rants here, while you still can.  And if you want to defend the guy, by all means, take the plunge.  You'll probably get no sympathy from me, but that shouldn't stop you.

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