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DeShawn/Blatche update

You want to know why I hate my addiction to the NBA offseason?  When two newspapers are saying different things and we don't know what to believe.

According to the New York Post, the New Jersey Nets actually don't seem to have any interest in Andray Blatche, which conflicts what was said here.  I'd be ecstatic if this actually made any sense, but it doesn't, really.  Why wouldn't the Nets go after Blatche, with their frontcourt situation?  Maybe drafting Sean Williams changed things, but that seems really silly to me.  Hopefully, this report is right, but I don't really buy it.

What I do buy is that the DeShawn negotiations might take a while.  Apparently, signing him cheaply might be a pipe dream.  This quote from Ivan's article from an unnamed source (so take it for what you will) is pretty striking.

"I can promise you this: There is no way DeShawn is taking [three years, $9 million]. He'll go somewhere else again for $1 million before he does that."

Truthfully, after the year he had, he shouldn't accept that small of a contract.  I guess his crappy postseason didn't really bring his value down much.

This is why the Kapono signing scared the hell out of me.  If Jason Kapono is worth 6 million to a very good general manager, why isn't Stevenson?  This gives him much more leverage and increases the chances that he gets overpaid.  If I'm his agent, I'd refer to Kapono's deal constantly in negotiations.  

To paraphrase Bill Simmons, the NBA offseason is Faaan-tastic.