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Stuff to chew on as you head out for the day

  • Ivan Carter (he needs a nickname too, but let's not resort to Ivan the Terrible please) recaps the Stevenson deal for the Post.  It's basically sums up what we already assumed: DeShawn wanted Kapono/Carroll money, no one wanted to give him Kapono/Carroll money, the Wizards wanted to make keep the same pieces in place from last year, the Wizards offer him more money than anyone else (although not as much as we would've liked) and he stays in D.C.  Did you follow all of that?  Awesome.  Oh, and I also thought this quote was interesting:
Wizards President Ernie Grunfeld could have offered less, but wanted to ensure that last season's core would be kept together and felt Stevenson earned the contract with his performance and team-first attitude.

I tend to agree with Eddie here, giving a DeShawn a little more money for his peformance this season was well earned.
  • Speaking of Stevenson, the Wizards' official blog got an interview with him after the fact.  Lots of good stuff in here, especially his line about what he plans to do now that 1/3rd of the team is from California (Arenas, Stevenson, Young, & Mcguire):
  • Lately some people have quipped that the NBA has gotten soft as of late, is it Brendan Haywood's fault?  That sound you hear in the background is the (Unsilent) majority of Washington screaming yes.
  • Finally, this is a little off-topic but 2 of the more important people in Knicks organization have announced their pre-retirement plans.  For the record, before I retire I'd like to at some point be a blogger for the Hawaiian national team.  They're not a country?  Ah, forget it then.  In slightly more relevant news to Wizards fans, Posting and Toasting is discussing what to do with having 17 players and 15 roster spots, someone suggested cutting Jared Jeffries.  While I (highly) doubt that would happen it begs to ask the question, if Blatche gets re-signed and there's still room left, would you take him?