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Blatche discussion

There's really nothing newsworthy going on in Wizard-land today.  Jake rounded up a couple relevant links below, so if you're dying for something new to talk about, go there.  Juan Carlos Navarro still hasn't been traded, and Andray Blatche is still a restricted free agent.  I haven't heard anything more about a Blatche-to-Dallas possibility, for example.

So consider this an open thread of sorts.  Here's a discussion question to ponder.

Ultimately, what do you think is a fair salary for Blatche?  I'm not talking about how much would you pay him, because I think most of you would agree that the importance of retaining him will drive up the price the Wizards should pay.  But if you threw out every other factor to consider and just focused on him as a player, what do you think his fair salary should be?