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A reminder of what you can do here

Because I'm not quite ready to write much about Blatche and Navarro rumors.

Over the last couple months, this site's readership -- both active and inactive -- has increased significantly.  During the season, this site was getting 150-200 unique visitors a day.  That number has increased to 550-600 since the season ended.  We've also seen a lot more active discussion thanks to several new users (you all know who you are).  Obviously, this is a fantastic thing, and I'm thankful for everyone who's stumbled upon this site in the last month or so.

Since there are a number of new users that have just joined the discussion, I'd like to use this space as a quick refresher course on the site, it's principles, and the things you can do here.  Nobody has done anything wrong, so don't feel like this is a reactionary post.  I just want to make sure everyone is getting as much out of this site as they possibly can.

If you've been here a while, feel free to skip this or clarify anything I've missed.

What's the purpose of this site anyway?
Bullets Forever is a place where Wizards fans can come and discuss/rant/whine/cheer for their favorite team.  First and foremost, this is a Washington Wizards blog, which falls somewhere between a message board and a mainstream news source.  Bullets Forever doesn't break any news stories, and rarely has any real access to the team (unless it's from the writers' side projects), but the writers do provide commentary and pay some attention to professional writing (e.g. we don't use "AIM speak").  We also try as much as possible to avoid the negatives associated with online forums, such as flame wars, trolling, etc.  

We try to do as much as possible to adhere to all sorts of fans.  If you're an NBA/Wizards enthusiast that knows everyone's contract off the top of their head, can spend an hour talking about defending the screen and roll, and has memorized the collective bargaining agreement, you should feel right at home here.  But if you're a more casual fan that would rather talk about Gilbert Arenas' personality or the "swagfest" that is the Wizards' locker room, we have plenty of discussions that appeal to you.  The magic word here is community.  In every community, whether geographical or interest-based, there are all sorts of people with very different voices and perspectives.  This site is no different.  

Who are these hacks anyway?  Pradamaster?  JakeTheSnake?  Could your pseudonames be any more lame?
We're going to post our bios soon, so stay tuned for this answer.  The short version is, both are college students that grew up in the DC area.  Pradamaster started the site in December when he was hired by SB Nation, and he enlisted Jake's help starting this April.  Both have very different perspectives and voices.  If we're talking about the two different types of fans from the first answer, Pradamaster falls under the former, and Jake falls under the latter.  Both have an unhealthy obsession for Gilbert Arenas and Ernie Grunfeld for saving basketball in DC in the post-Jordan era.

Why do I have to register to comment?  Why do I need to give up my e-mail address?
Registration is part of what makes all the sites on this network different.  I understand that it can be a minor inconvenience, but it serves a couple of essential purposes.

First and foremost, users get many special benefits from registering.  The obvious one is the right to comment on blog posts, but that's hardly the only thing users can do here.  Users can also write their own mini-blog posts and start their own discussions.  These are known as Diaries.  Diaries are a great place to expand the discussion, whether it be posting about something Wizards-related that neither Jake or I have addressed yet or lending a different perspective on a topic.  Diaries should ideally be more substantial than a comment (SB Nation has a default 300 character limit, although that's very flexible), and should be about a unique topic that hasn't been discussed, in length, anywhere else.  For more on diaries, check out the Community Guidelines page.

Wait, there are community guidelines?  Lame.
Yes, unfortunately, there are some rules for this site.  If you're looking for a place to post whatever you want, however you want, this site probably isn't for you.  However, the community guidelines are not there to suppress free speech or force everyone to adhere to one viewpoint.  They're simply there so the discussion remains civil, constructive, and mature.  When it doubt, adhere to the golden rule: If your comment is one that you wouldn't say to anyone's face, it probably shouldn't be said here either.  

As far as enforcement, the criteria is, admittedly, a bit subjective.  Early on, I was much more stingy about violations, and even banned a couple members that didn't change their ways after I warned them.  Now that the site has built a reputation, I'll probably be a lot more lenient.  As long as you treat community members with respect, you should be okay.  We're all allowed to make honest mistakes, and I'll always give you the benefit of the doubt.  

So that's why we have to register.
Yeah, that's the other purpose.  At least there's now a measure of accountability when something goes wrong.  

As far as the e-mail address, don't worry, we won't ever send you spam.  I do have access to everyone's e-mails, but I will rarely send you anything.  The only time I will is to either warn you of a violation of the community guidelines, or, more often, if I want you to help out with something on the site.  Still, these e-mails are few and far between.

If you forget your password, e-mail me at and I'll send you your password.  I'd rather you do that instead of you using a different e-mail address to create a separate account.  

What if I have a question about something that hasn't been covered?
Post your question in the comments section, and I'll answer it.

Again, I'm not writing this because anyone is doing anything wrong.  On the contrary, I'm writing this because I'm really happy with all the new discussions.  Now that a few more things are clear, hopefully we'll continue to see this community blossum.