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Summer School

The SummerWizards concluded their season with a solid 79-67 win over the SummerBucks Sunday.  Dominic McGuire and Mike Hall led the way with 18 and 17, respectively.  The SummerWizards finished with a 2-3 record, rebounding from three straight defeats to post wins over the SummerCavaliers and the SummerBucks.

But obviously, the record really doesn't matter.  Due to the small sample size, the level of competition, and the disorganization of the games, stats aren't really that essential either.  Nevertheless, here are your official SummerWizards individual numbers.

So what can we honestly take away from Summer League?  Not much, but we did learn a few things.

Nick Young can really fill it up, but the rest of his game needs work: The numbers here tell the story.  He finished second on the team in points/40, but shot a low percentage to do it, and barely contributed anywhere else.  Even though summer league games are incredibly disorganized, it's pretty ridiculous that he didn't even average one assist per 40 minutes.  His defense was also a bit up and down.  He did a very good job on Rodney Stuckey in the Detroit game, but struggled against guys like Francisco Garcia and Awvee Story.  The good news is that he's incredibly talented offensively, even if he needs to work on his emotional focus.  I'm confident Gilbert can work with him to get the most out of his incredibly gifted offensive game.

For next year, I expect Young to alternate between the spectacular and the atrocious.  Down the road, I see him being the two-guard here for a while, but it's by no means a guarantee.  Similarly talented players have failed because of their lack of focus before.  It'll be interesting to see whether Young has the mental toughness to compete in this league.

Oleksiy Pecherov's numbers are incredibly skewed: He had a monster game against Houston that significantly inflated his numbers.  For the rest of the time, he looked a bit awkward, and struggled with physical big men inside.  His shooting touch was also a bit off.  For a guy who shoots that many three-pointers, the eFG% and TS% number should be higher.

The good news?  His problem doesn't seem to be a lack of effort.  JHeiser3 said it better than I could in this comment.

Watching Pesh is similar, except he's never banged the way he is now. I know its only summer but there is a transition to be made. The physicality takes getting used to. I don't see him avoiding contact, he's just overwhelmed.

He's squaring guys up and meeting them with his chest, he just doesn't have the strength yet. What he does show (positive) is the willingness to mix it up, dive to the boards, and stick his head in the meat grinder. That alone separates him from most guys we'd label as "soft".

He's got an excellent work ethic, so he should get better.  For this season, though, I'm not expecting too much.

Dominic McGuire is a stat-sheet stuffer: His numbers there don't look so overwhelming, but McGuire was probably my MVP for this team.  In addition to his 8 rebounds/40, he also blocked a shot and a half/40 and played excellent perimeter defense.  He also showed he could score in the halfcourt, and even though his percentage numbers aren't great, he was able to hit the mid-range jumper consistently enough for my taste.  It's clear that Ernie got a steal in the second round.

Aaron Miles should make the team.  JR Pinnock should have played more.  Mike Hall was up and down, but he performed well for the most part.  Kyle Visser, on the other hand, sucked: Not too much to add there.  Miles, in particular, really needs a spot on this team.  After his putrid 0 assist/4 turnover game in the opener against the Kings, he had a ridiculous 23/1 assist to turnover ratio running this offense.  He's also a very pesky defender, although that may not translate as well to the NBA.  He's not much of a scorer, but he has good shot selection, which explains his astronomical percentages.  At the very least, I'd keep him over Donnell Taylor.

It's a shame Pinnock was stuck behind the Nick Young express, because he outplayed him across the board.  He probably won't stick here, but there's a place in the league for him.  Hall, his teammate, was a little too inconsistent for my taste, but he still has a good shot of making the Wizards in training camp.

Visser should go play in Kazakhastan after his awful performance in the five games.

Bottom Line: There's young talent, even if it will likely rest at the end of the bench.  I saw enough out of the Young/O-Pec/McGuire trio to remain optimistic for the future, even if each has their own weaknesses to work on.  

What parts of the Summer League, in particular, stick out to you?