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Things DeShawn can buy with 15 million

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Originally Prada asked me to photoshop a pic of DeShawn doing his "I can't feel my face" routine and then put a money fan in there but sadly I couldn't find a pic of it (if you all know of one that you can hook me up with, leave a comment or e-mail me).  So with that option gone, I decided to make up for it by giving you some ideas of what DeShawn might do with his $15 million:

  • Buy some stock in YouTube, maybe not enough to really be a player in the stock market, but maybe enough to get this taken down.
  • DeShawn could buy 600,000 Better 1-on-1 defense tapes.
  • He could get a million packets of numbing cream so that he'll never have to feel his face again.
  • If he really felt like it, he could get 1,000,667 copies of his girlfriend's album.
  • Invest in expensive road kill.
  • Get a pack of edible dentures every day for the next 15 million days.
  • Buy some more major league swag: