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BREAKING: Stevenson (finally) signs for 4 years and 15 million

Ivan Carter has the scoop.  

It looks like Stevenson took our advice and accepted Ernie's initial offer of 4 years and 15 million.  The only difference is that the fourth year is a player option, which makes the contract even more reasonable.  If DeShawn exercises that option, it's as if he accepted a 3 year/11 million dollar deal, which is basically what he rejected last year.

His average salary for the next four years is 3.75 million.  No word yet on the specific annual salaries, but I've got to believe it's backloaded significantly, considering how tight the Wiz are up against the cap.

I'll have more tomorrow, because now there's definitely a lot to say.  For now, this is the reaction thread.  Among poll voters, 52 percent said this was too much for DeShawn, a slight majority over those that felt it was just right (42 percent) and those that said it wasn't enough (5 percent).  Feel free to explain yourselves now that it's actually happened.