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Youtubesman Report: In Lue of Better Things

I'm not a guy that ever wants to be known as someone that judges someone based on what they do with their life.  I'll give you the green light to do just about anything you want and won't give it a second thought, but for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would dedicate the time and effort to make a mix about former Wizard Tyronn Lue (NSFW-language):

Then again, I spent time putting together mix with an All-Star that probably ended up looking about half as good as that one so I guess I shouldn't talk:

T-Lue was a member of the 02-03 Wizards team that as you may remember had Kwame, Jerry Stackhouse, and certain Jordan fellow.  Here's the introduction video from that year, for some reason despite having Michael Jordan on the team he's only in the video for about 3 seconds but I don't think anyone minded:

Finally, in case you missed it, check out D.C. Sports Bog as Agent Bog explains why Caron Butler couldn't find the strength to throw the ball to home plate.