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Looks like Ernie called DeShawn's bluff

Or at least that's how I'm reading this.

Any predictions on a) whether this is actually going to happen and b) what the final contract will be go here.

Update [2007-7-12 17:30:27 by Pradamaster]: To be clear, this isn't quite definite yet. Ivan semi-retracted the main post in the comments section.

Sorry folks. I jumped the gun with that first post. It's close but not quite finished. I think my brain is starting to explode from over-reporting this week. Vegas baby, Vegas!
It still does sound like an agreement is imminent, though.

Update [2007-7-12 22:9:8 by Pradamaster]: The post is gone from the Wizards Insider main page. Weird. Maybe Ivan jumped the gun a little bit by accident. I can't really blame him, considering everything that must be out there.