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SummerWizards vs. SummerPistons open thread

Same deal as yesterday.  Today's game is live at 6 PM on NBATV and, and on tape-delay at 8 on Comcast SportsNet.  The Comcast audio was really terrible yesterday for some reason, and since today's my off day, I'm not really sure why.  If it stinks again, I'll try to ask someone about it tomorrow.  

Obviously, I'm looking for something more out of Young and O-Pec.  O-Pec has a tall order going against the likes of Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson inside.  My prediction is that O-Pec will struggle again, but Young will break out.  He'll probably be matched up against Arron Afflalo, and while Afflalo is a good defender, it's someone Young knows fairly well.  I got the feeling that Young was very nervous going up against a real NBAer in Francisco Garcia, and going up against a more familiar face will calm him down a bit.  I'm also curious to see whether Young can outperform Rodney Stuckey, the guy picked ahead of him in the draft.

I also want to see more shots for McGuire and something...anything from Visser, Aaron Miles, or Brian Chase.  Center and point may be the best places for a random guy to make the roster, so of the rest of the guys on the roster, those three probably have the best shot of sticking.  

This is an open game thread, so waste desperate energy cursing at Kyle Visser here.

Update [2007-7-11 19:11:20 by Pradamaster]: The game is actually on Comcast now, even though it's not done in real life. McGuire looks good again, but it's really early.