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Summer League Game 1 vs. Sacramento: Open Thread

Thank god for actual games!  The SummerWizards take on Nik Caner-Medley and the SummerKings in the first Summer League game of the day at 1 PM local time.  

All the information you need on the players can be found here.  The game will be shown live at 4 PM Eastern Time on NBA TV and it should be streamed live on  If you miss it though, fear not, because the tape-delay is also on locally at 8 PM on Comcast SportsNet.  I hope to be around for both the live version (thank god for Comcast studios) and for the taped version.  

This is an open game thread, so latch on to your favorite underdog story here.

Update [2007-7-10 16:57:50 by Pradamaster]: Agent Bog is filing his own updates live from the stadium (HT: The enemy). Here's a snipet.

Noted Republican and first-round Kings pick Spencer Hayes is trying to cover Ukrainian terror Oleksiy Pecherov aka OPEC. The coverage appears to be fairly ineffectual. And I thought the Right was supposed to be strong on defense. Pretty soon, the Durango Hills YMCA day campers start doing the wave, while the teams concentrate on the two great staples of Summer League ball: missed shots and fouls. Summer League permits 10 fouls, and the players seem anxious to take advantage of this rare deal: Pecherov acquires three before the first quarter ends.