Gator Bait?

(I didn't really think this was worth a front page post, and we could always use more diaries, so I'm putting this here.)

Lee Humphrey, (the guy that shot 3 pointers for the two-time national champion Florida Gators) accepted an invite to play for the Wizards summer league team according to

"He leaves for Washington on Sunday," Humphrey's father, Tony, said. "He'll be there all next week and then he'll be with them for summer league (in Las Vegas)."

Humphrey and his agent, Kenny Grant, picked Washington out of invitations from eight different teams.

"He (Grant) advised us that Washington presented the best opportunity," Tony said. "Lee is excited about it."

Best case scenario, Lee makes a good impression and gets signed and takes over Roger Mason's role as 3 point specialist.  Worst case scenario, Lee enjoys a successful life as a Euroballer.  

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