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Pollin': Best Wizard?

In last week's edition, Jarvis Hayes was chosen as the worst Wizard this year, taking 42% of the vote. Michael Ruffin was a close second, taking 29% of the vote in the closest and most wide open poll to date. Seven players received votes, including other. Since the voters for other didn't specify whom they were giving their vote for, I'll just go ahead and assume it was Andres Nocioni.

There aren't a whole lot of places that make fun of Jarvis besides here, so rather than make fun of Jarvis directly, I'll just make fun of the basketball program of his alma mater:

For this week, we'll take a look at who the best Wizard was this season. While not everyone could actually be fit into the poll, everyone's case will be argued. If you feel strongly for someone that's not actually in the poll that you feel should be included, feel free to vote other, just please specify your choice. With that said, here are your choices for the best Wizard this year...

Gilbert Arenas
Why was he the best?
Maybe it's the game winners, or maybe it's the interviews, the 50 point games, the Halo team, or...

Andray Blatche
Why was he the best?
He stole James Posey's manhood.

Calvin Booth
Why was he the best?
I hate to keep harping on this, but the man did shoot 50% from 3 pt. land. That's better than anyone else on the team. Granted, he only took two shots.

Caron Butler
Why was he the best?
He's the people's player, although I'm still convinced he only came so he could get some straws.

Antonio Daniels
Why was he the best?
Daniels had the highest assist per game average in the playoffs this year. At least right now, you never know when Boobie Gibson will go off for 38 dimes per game.

Mike Hall
Why was he the best?
His non-existent bio illustrates his selflessness, as he tries to deflect attention to the other players.

Jarvis Hayes
Why was he the best?
His sweet ride?

Brendan Haywood
Why was he the best?
He serves as T.V. analyst for the Mystics. That has to count for something right?

Antawn Jamison
Why was he the best?
Because Dick Vitale loooooooves him.

Roger Mason
Why was he the best?
He played international ball for a while and yet resisted the urge to become a flopper.

Michael Ruffin
Why was he the best?
Well, duh.

Darius Songaila
Why was he the best?
He fries Emeka Okafor & Co.

Deshawn Stevenson
Why was he the best?
Major. League. Swag.

Donnell Taylor
Why was he the best?
He has a better job than his twin brother, who as far as I know has no job...other than being Donnell's brother.

Etan Thomas
Why was he the best?
He's a prophet


Rod Strickland isn't not an acceptable choice for other, seeing as how he didn't play for the Wizards this year.

Alright, there are your choices, vote away!