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[Second Round] Prospect Profile: Jared Jordan

[While Prada takes a look at the First Round prospects, I'm going to give you the low-down on some of the players in Round 2 that Grunfeld & Co. might be looking at. -Jake]

Before we get started, let's clear something up: Jared Jordan isn't related to this guy and he definitely isn't this fella.

Now that that's cleared up, you're probably wondering who this Jared Jordan guy is, unless you're an avid MAAC basketball fan.  I hadn't heard of him either until I read this great article from Rand Richards on a couple weeks back that got me on the Jordan bandwagon.  Jared was the star PG for Marist the last 4 years, a school most known for being the alma mater of Rik Smits.  Of course at 6'2", 187 pounds, he can't dominate a game physically like Smits could.  Instead, Jordan dictates the tone of the game by his ability to control the game much like a Steve Nash or a Jason Kidd.  For comparison's sake, let's put his numbers up against some other great PG's of the last decade from their final year in college:

*-The 3 pt. line was not being used at the time John Stockton was in college so no stats are available, and yes, my table making skill aren't very good.

He became the first player since Avery Johnson to lead the nation in assists in back-to-back years and helped Marist win the MAAC regular season title this year.  He also led Marist to an upset win over Oklahoma State in Stillwater, something no other team did this year, including Texas and Texas A&M.  Yet, in some mock drafts Jordan has yet to even make the board despite praise from Draft Express and Ivan Carter, who had this to say after watching him at the pre-draft camp in Orlando:

-A couple of guys who caught my eye: PG Jared Jordan or Marist is generously listed as 6-foot-2 and he looks much smaller than that but the kid can play. Jordan, who became the first Div I player since Avery Johnson to lead the country in assists two straight seasons, came off the bench to spell Green for Team 2 and ran the squad nearly as smoothly. He made 3 of 4 shots and wound up with 6 points and 5 assists in just under 20 minutes.

Many scouts are quick to point out his height and less than bountiful athletic gifts and determine that he isn't worth it, but someone with Jordan's ability to get his teammates involved will always have a place in the NBA.  If Antonio Daniels ends up getting traded in the offseason, don't be surprised if you see a Red Fox trying to fill the void.