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Players drafted by the Wizards that you may or may not remember

For some reason, I was looking through Basketball Reference and I got kind of captivated by some of the players that were drafted by the Zephyrs/Packers/Bullets/Wizards franchise over the years.  Here's the ones that I thought may catch your eye:

  • Rod Thorn, Nets GM
  • Jerry Sloan, Jazz coach
  • Mike Davis. He was the Baltimore Bullets first round pick in 1969.  Now this alone wouldn't be enough to grab my attention, but Davis went to Virginia Union.  The same place that this guy and this guy went to college. Remember, both of them played for the Wizards at one point, so that would be 3 former VUU Panthers that, at some point or another, played for the franchise.
  • Len Elmore, sportscaster.  He's the one providing the color commentary here.
  • Jamie Dixon, Men's basketball coach at Pitt
  • Mitch Kupchak, Lakers GM
So that's about it, now go out and use that info to benefit your lives or dodge billboards.