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Simmons: Bring Sheed back to DC?

This has absolutely no basis whatsoever, and I'm about 99.9 percent sure this trade will not happen, so I don't really know why I'm posting it.  But I was intrigued nonetheless.

From Bill Simmons' latest blog (emphasis mine).

Clearly, they need to move Chauncey Billups and Rasheed Wallace -- both of whom should have significant value to younger teams looking for one veteran to get them over the hump -- then build around Hamilton (who has a team-friendly contract), Tayshaun Prince (ditto), Jason Maxiell, Amir Johnson (major sleeper), the 15th pick in the 2007 draft and whatever they can get for Billups and 'Sheed (whether it's young players, picks or cap space). It's the only move. For instance, let's say they make the following moves:

A. Sign-and-trade Billups to the Clippers for Corey Maggette, Sam Cassell (expiring contract) and the 14th pick.

B. Deal Wallace (two years and $26 million remaining on his deal) in a three-way trade in which 'Sheed goes to Washington, Antawn Jamison (expires in 2008) goes to Portland and Zach Randolph goes to Detroit. ... Or they could just deal 'Sheed for Jamison straight up if they wanted the cap space.

Again, there's been no talk of anything like this, and it's just coming from Bill Simmons' brain.  But, save for all the whining, Wallace seems like the perfect player for this team.  I've always felt he was incredibly underrated.  He's a phenomenal defender and a real matchup nightmare on the offensive end.  The only things stopping him from being a superstar was his own lack of aggressivness and his temper.  Essentially, he's a superstar role player that fits in perfectly as a second or third option, which is exactly what he'll be if he somehow comes to DC.

Let me reiterate that neither team has discussed this trade, and it's simply from the mind of Bill Simmons, but that notwithstanding, would you do that deal?