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Kobe: Touched by the hand of God?

(No, this isn't about Kobe's video, or where he wants to be traded, or who he wants to be traded to L.A.)

For some reason I was trying to see if DeShawn Stevenson had a myspace last night (I don't know, I was bored) and I happened to stumble across one of those fake Myspaces that someone will set up for a famous athlete or whatever.  The one I came across mentioned that Kobe played on an AAU team with the one, the only, God Shammgod.  I wanted to get a double check on this because Myspace isn't exactly the all-encompassing beacon of truth or anything like that so I wanted some extra info.  I googled it and found this excerpt from (bolded for emphasis):

Kobe sizzled during the 1994-95 season. The junior averaged 31.1 points, 10.4 rebounds and 5.2 assists and was named Pennsylvania Player of the Year. Kobe also unveiled his devastating cross-over dribble during the campaign. He learned the move from God Shammgod, a teammate on his summer AAU squad.

I've yet to see Kobe actually pull off "The Shamgod", but like any good teacher, he never tells his student all of his tricks, so I doubt we ever will.  Unless Kobe tries to do a watered down version of it, like Manu did.

Speaking of fake Myspaces, I'm pretty sure this is fake too, but who knows?