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Youtubesman Report: Draft Edition (And some quick hits)

  • In this post I'll obviously be posting videos about some of the players the Wizards are looking at with the #16 pick but Bethlehem Shoals over at FanHouse argues that the Wizards top draft pick could be Andray Blatche.  Yeah, I know it was kind of covered before, but I thought it was worth bringing back up now that its draft day.
  • While you're checking out Bullets Forever during the draft, make sure to also check out the Wizards official blog, because tonight they'll have something that everyone loves free stuff.  
  • On an somewhat note, did you notice how the cap in that picture looks a little more golden than before?
  • Remember the list of players to be drafted at #16?  Well over at Hooplah.. Nation sirnanzy does the same thing with the #17 pick.  I'm really glad he did because it seemed to me almost everytime I'd write down the #16 pick it seemed like the player that went after him was better.  Of course, that's probably just the pessimist in me.  In the end, more All-Stars have come from the 16 spot (3) than the 17 spot (2).  Although I'd take the 17's All-Stars (Shawn Kemp and Jermaine O'Neal) over 16's (Ron Artest, Dana Barros, and Chris Gatling who shouldn't even really count).
Now without further Apu, the videos...

Al Thornton
Here's 4 minutes of Al Thornton goodness, including a Weis-isation of Brian Butch about 2 minutes in.  All set to a track from Space Jam nonetheless!

Julian Wright
If Julian fell all the way to number 16, he would be a great addition for the Wizards, even if he'd rather fly non-stop from Pittsburgh to Chicago:

Nick Young
Does this guy remind you Deshawn Stevenson personality wise?  And by personality I mean hairstyle:

Thaddeus Young
Here's some highlights of Thaddeus Young in high school showing of the potential that could make him a lottery pick:

Derrick Byars
Here's Derrick's highlight reel from Vandy, it might not have all the jaw-dropping dunks that Thornton's had but I think it gives you a good picture of the kind of player he is:

Jason Smith
Basically it's this in pictures:

Javaris Crittenton
Here he is displaying hibachi range:

Rodney Stuckey
I've searched high and low and for some Stuckey videos and this was the only thing I could really find, and even here you only see him for about 3 seconds.  Maybe that's why I think he could (note- could, not will) be a bust, I don't know:

Rudy Fernanadez
A bit of a darkhorse candidate for no other reason than that he's European player with some sick hops:

Tiago Splitter
Another international prospect, easily the coolest name among all the potential draftees:

Morris Almond
Probably would be a reach to take Almond with the #16, but if nothing else he would provide some phenomenal swag:

Marcus Camby
You're lying if you think there's a better player we can get on draft night: