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Draft day open thread

Programming Note: Be sure to check out and contribute to the official Bullets Forever sleepers and busts list.

Honestly, the rumors and speculation are paralyzing at this point.  I can't wait for the draft to actually happen.

I honestly will be happy with the draft as long as the Wizards don't select either of the Georgia Tech guys, Jason Smith, or an international guy.  My distain for Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton is well documented here.  I just don't like that both are projects, inconsistent, and have to develop a lot of basketball qualities.  I'd rather have a guy who's less athletic, but can contribute as a role player right away.  I don't want Smith just because he's kind of redundant unless Brendan Haywood is traded, and I don't want to deal with another international player with a bad buyout (like Juan Carlos Navarro).  

If the pick is Julian Wright, I'll be ecstatic.  If it's Derrick Byars, I'll be happy.  If it's anyone else, I'll be satisfied.  Just don't take either of the Tech guys, and I'll be happy.  

Young did win the 16th spot on the community draft board, so here's how it stands (remember, it's based on team need).

  1.  Greg Oden
  2.  Kevin Durant
  3.  Al Horford
  4.  Corey Brewer
  5.  Mike Conley
  6.  Jeff Green
  7.  Julian Wright
  8.  Joakim Noah
  9.  Brendan Wright
  10.  Al Thornton
  11.  Spencer Hawes
  12.  Acie Law
  13.  Yi Jianlian
  14.  Nick Young
  15.  Derrick Byars
  16.  Thaddeus Young

This is your official draft open thread.  Post any thoughts of any kind here in the comments section.  I'll be here the whole time, posting thoughts as well.  I'll be doing a quick blurb for True Hoop both before and after the Wizards pick, along with a number of other bloggers, so be sure to check that out when it happens.

Thread away!

Below the jump, my random predictions for the first round, in case you're curious.  Feel free to post your own.

  1.  Greg Oden
  2.  Kevin Durant
  3.  Yi Jianlian
  4.  Al Horford
  5.  Joakim Noah
  6.  Mike Conley
  7.  Spencer Hawes
  8.  Corey Brewer
  9.  Jeff Green
  10.  Brandan Wright
  11.  Acie Law
  12.  Al Thornton
  13.  Thaddeus Young
  14.  Nick Young
  15.  Rodney Stuckey
16.  Julian Wright
  1.  Jason Smith
  2.  Sean Williams
  3.  Javaris Crittenton
  4.  Petteri Koponen
  5.  Tiago Splitter
  6.  Marco Benielli
  7.  Daequan Cook
  8.  Rudy Fernandez
  9.  Derrick Byars
  10.  Nick Fazekas
  11.  Jared Dudley
  12.  Kyrylo Fesenko
  13.  Morris Almond
  14.  Ramon Sessions