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SB Nation Mock Draft: Pick 38

2007 NBA Mock Draft
Overall Pick: 38

Philadelphia 76ers
Chosen by: Passion and Pride
C, Spain, 22

Jon from Passion and Pride had one pick set up, then noticed Gasol was still on the board.  Let him explain.

I was going to take Taureen Green here at 38 to give the Sixers some options with Andre Miller heading into free agency next summer, but I noticed a potential lottery pick big man somehow slipped through the cracks and is still on the board - Marc Gasol.  People
overlook him as a poor man's version of his older brother, but he's bigger and possesses the same high basketball IQ.  If he somehow lasts until the 38th pick, this would be highway robbery.  With Louis Williams and Willie Green, we won't miss passing up on a guard anyway.

I'd love to know who thought Marc Gasol was a lottery pick, and I would never be secure on passing up a guard with Louis Williams and Willie Greene, but then again, I blog about the Wizards, not the Sixers.

Miami is on the clock.