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[Second Round] Prospect Profile: Taurean Green


If there's a sleeper in the second round that's a proven winner, it's Taurean Green.  While the other three players from Florida's junior class are all considered lottery picks, the man running the show hasn't gotten the same respect as Noah, Brewer, or Horford.  Despite running the show for both title runs, some didn't even think of Green as someone who would be drafted when he originally declared for the draft.  

Seen as more of a shooter than a floor general coming into pre-draft workouts, Green has impressed many during workouts and training sessions with his ability to control the tempo and involve his teammates with which he's playing for the first time.  While his assists totals were fairly low for a PG (a modest 3.3 apg) you also have to factor in how Florida as a whole was a selfless, pass-first team, think of it the same way that you would of Tony Parker's 5.8 apg average.  It isn't necessarily indicative that he's selfish or a bad passer by any means.

For the sake of comparison, I give you a player A-player B analysis:

Player A is Taurean Green, Player B is homophobe, but he was also a 5 time All-Star. While I don't think that Green will be as good as Hardaway and I'm almost positive he won't be able to mimic his crossover, I think he'll still be ready to contribute for whomever takes him. Thoughts?