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Youtubesman Report: Virtual Reality

You know you'll get devoured by Cheaney, Webber, and whoever is holding the controller

Of course, for the first video is the one I'm sure you've all seen from places like here, here, here and of course here.  It's one of the new ads that for EA Sports featuring both players that will grace their basketball covers: Gilbert Arenas and Kevin Durant:

Being the coverboy for NBA Live comes with its perks, here's a commemoration of his selection for the cover from PastaPadre:

I'm not sure why this next video was made or what its point is but it's still kind of funny in a random, non-sensical kind of way:

Finally, I know Shaq has caught some flak for hosting a show about trying to get into shape, but at least he isn't holding a free throw clinic (language is slightly NSFW):