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Julian Wright sliding?

Once rumored to go as high as #6 to Milwaukee, it appears Julian Wright's stock is falling.  Badly.

According to Draft Express' "Word on the Street," Wright may very well be around in the late teens.  

Falling: Julian Wright on the other hand has everything working against him at the moment, having some extremely poor workouts that are hurting his stock and making teams as late as Los Angeles at #19 or Miami at #20 wonder if he might be on the board when they pick. One team who has been watching tape heavily of him in their war room came away less than impressed: "the more we watch him, the more flaws we see in him. I think we might have all gotten too excited after the Florida game." Another team that worked him out recently said that he "shot the ball poor from 17 feet and out, and really didn't do anything to ease our concerns about his NBA position."

Wright isn't a guy the Wizards have looked at much, probably because we all figured he'd go higher.  His lack of college production is a bit concerning, although it comes with mitigating factors like the strength of the team and his defensive impact.  When he's contrasted with a guy like Al Thornton, he simply doesn't compare numbers-wise, and he hasn't exactly impressed with his strength.  His spotty perimeter jumper has also failed to improve, which is a definite red flag.

I do find it interesting, however, that the second scout mentioned the concern about finding a position for him.  The same things were said about Wright's best pro upside comparison, Boris Diaw.  The Wizards, like the Suns, employ a system where the positions are not perfectly set, so Wright may be more valuable here than in most places.  As far as the strength conerns, players can always get stronger, so I'm not all that concerned about that.  The only big worry I have is with his shooting, but if Wright's as good a passer as advertised, it may not matter.

It seems like many scouts are expecting Wright to be a big star, and the weaknesses in his game dissuate the GMs from that viewpoint.  But if we simply evaluate Wright as a flawed prospect with many strengths, he suddenly becomes more valuable.  His best skills are his versatility, defense, and overall court sense, all traits that are essential in the Princeton offense.  If he's available at 16, I'd take him and not think twice.

Agree?  Disagree?  How concerned are you by his stock dropping?  If Wright is available at 16, would you take him?