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O-Pec is a workout warrior

Agent Bog's latest Wizards-related post is mostly funny stuff, and for that alone, it's worth the read.  But it also features a very exciting revelation about virtual rookie Oleksiy Pecherov.  Apparently, he's working out like crazy.  

And then there's Oleksiy Pecherov, last year's first-round pick, who's been living downtown and working out at the arena with director of player development Harvey Grant. Like, constantly.

"Five hours a day," Grant told me. "Every day. Seven days a week. Some days we have to tell him, 'Hey man, just take one day off. Give us a break."

"All day," Pecherov agreed, explaining that he doesn't know anyone in D.C. and that "we have everything here, it's nice to be here."

This is awesome news.  If he keeps up with this work ethic, O-Pec may very well be the answer to the Wizards' problems in the middle.  It doesn't seem far-fetched to expect a Nenad Kristic-like season from O-Pec next year, especially if one of Haywood/Thomas is dealt.

As Steinberg said, I can't wait until October.